Saturday, August 18, 2007

Firefox and Thunderbird extensions I can't live without...

this list isn't as big as my utils list, as FF2.0 & TB2.0 are pretty good out-of-the-box.


#0 - MR Tech disable XPI delay
one extension to rule them all!

#1 - Adblock plus
The web without ads, it's like a breath of fresh air...

#2 - Gmail notifier
the integration is nice, very unobtrusive.

#3 - Restart Firefox
"hmm, FF is over 300mb of ram, time for a re-start..."

#4 - Plain Text To Link
I got so sick of ctrl-c,ctrl-t,ctrl-v. this does it in 2 clicks.

#5 - LastTab
Firefox should work this way in the first place

#6 - DOM Inspector (default, but still...)

#7 - Web Developer Toolbar
Indispensible for hacking websites. However I'm being rapidly seduced by Firebug...

#1 - miniBird theme
oh yeah, test out your vision with this 5x5 icon set...;-p min to the max!

#2 - Display Mail User Agent Extension
hmmm, what mail client are you using?

#3 - English (au) dictionary
(sigh) I love the way americans assume everyone uses US english.

#4 - Signature switch
only use that crappy corporate signature when you *absolutely* have to!

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Ingmar said...

Hi "Matao",

A bit of shameless self-promotion, but this TB extension is also quite useful:

It tells you which people you still need to reply to, or who the people are that hardly ever reply. You can also sort your contacts by the number of messages sent or received or even by gender.

Comments are welcome.