Saturday, August 18, 2007

Development tools I'm currently using...

unlike the previous three lists, the status of these items is fragile and depends solely on the fact that at the moment they fill a niche, but they're not compelling. These are the tools that roll up the building blocks into something that I can use.

#1 - IntelliJ
Apparently it's the nicest IDE around, but it doesn't seem that smart to me. Good enough.

#2 - TOra - Toolkit for Oracle
Free Open-Source. GUI PL/SQL client for oracle. Extremely fast (written in C++), uses QT Library by Trolltech. Only shame is that it's still buggy in some area's (some instability, BLOB & error handling poor), otherwise very full-featured and *quick*! Unfortunately not actively maintained currently...

#3 - Oracle SQL Developer
When Tora runs out of horsepower, you can always trust SQL Developer to come through. It's often fast enough, but as it's written in Java it's a big memory hog, which I often prefer to avoid.

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