Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Interesting direction on fusion research...

start here:
if you have time read this (PDF):
lots more here:
basically, instead of using tokamaks with magnetic confinement (that don't achieve breakeven), there's a revolutionary rethink of the design. you can *really* build your own mini fusion reactor for a couple grand. guy behind it is a Dr Bussard (Bussard ramjet anyone?) who got to the point of a viable prototype and research group before he died at age 79 last year.
google talk he presented on the Polywell (go nuclear google!)
this is all very interesting and exciting. the PDF is a bit long and detailed, but def worth it to get right into the guts of the theory. big potential here!


M. Simon said...

You might find this of interest. Links to discussion groups on the Sidebar.

IEC Fusion Technology blog

Roger said...

Hey Simon hello. Matt nice post, I'd love to see polywell work, but its one step at a time, right now we're hoping the Navy funds the next step.